I love to run.
I feel like it's a drug and I can't wait to get my next fix.

Sprinting up hills makes my day ;)

I'd like to think I'm tough as nails, but don't we all?

Right now I'm on a marathon kick, I'm always looking for some kind of race. Recently I've gotten into triathlons, that's what I'll be chasing next.

Chrissie Wellington and Kara Goucher are my heroes <3

After a year of injuries in 2011 and finally recovering, I decided to take the leap and become a Personal Trainer. There's nothing more important to me than fitness and health. I would love nothing more than to achieve my goals and help others reach their maximum potential and achieve theirs as well.

My ultamite goal is to do an Ironman.


Vegetarian ——> Fruitarian

So, everyone has always asked me why I’m vegetarian. Apparently it’s REALLY weird and people just don’t understand it. I’ve recently sparked even more people’s attention and questions with my recent decision to switch to a low-fat raw vegan, essentially fruitarian lifestyle soon here.

Let me try and explain it from where it began.

When I was in 5th grade I had this awesome teacher. He was a total bad ass boxer and rode motorcycles, definitely not a vegetarian. One day he began talking to us about his previous job; a cow slaughterer at a warehouse. I was an 11 year old girl listening to this man talk about killing cows. I listened to the way he killed them. I listened to the way he described their face right before he killed them, they knew it was coming. I listened to the way he described their cries. Even at that young age, I was disgusted. I thought it was the most disgusting, cruel thing I have every heard of and everyone else in the class just brushed it off and some even thought it was cool. From that day forward I knew I didn’t want to contribute to what my teacher had described, I knew I was going to be a vegetarian. 

That’s where it all started. I was young and it was embedded into my mind forever.

From there I did research. I watched documentaries such as “Earthlings.” I knew I wanted as little to do with animal cruelty and slaughtering as possible.

A few years ago I read about Fruitarians. It’s the most cruel free, natural, healthy way to live in my opinion. Their diet consists of fruit, lots and lots of fruit. I thought one day I’d try it, but when I wasn’t so active since I figured it would be dangerous.

A few days ago I was browsing the No-Meat Athlete site and I stumbled upon the low-fat raw vegan lifestyle. A low-fat raw vegan diet is a diet made up of fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state without cooking or steaming. 80% fruit, 10% protein, 10% fats. Once again I figured it wouldn’t be a wise idea seeing as how active I am.

I couldn’t be more wrong. I read about Michael Arnstein and was completely inspired. Michael Arnstein is an ultra distance runner and a fruitarian. He runs more than 200 miles a week. His PR for running a marathon in 2:28.29. He’s run numerous Ironman’s. He’s just an AMAZING athlete, and a fruitarian! I didn’t know someone who puts their body through such great lengths could eat so pure. He’s even made comments about how it’s made him a better/faster runner.

I did more research, and I want to try it. I looked up almost everything I need to know, I joined a LFRV forum for guidance, and I’ll be picking up the most recommended book here soon. If I do it I’m doing it 100% HEALTHY and CORRECT.

I’m thinking about doing a 21-day 100% low-fat raw vegan challenge. Hopefully it won’t just be a 21 day challenge, hopefully it’ll be a new lifestyle.

I want to see if it helps my performance. I know morally I’ll feel amazing, but I want to physically put it to the test!

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